Friday, April 14, 2017

Imagine Tool CNC Vise Stop - The Best Vise Stop Around!



Imagine Tool CNC Vise Stop

Imagine Tool CNC Vise Stop - The Best Vise Stop Around!

SideStop, CNC End Stop, delivers increased productivity through ease of use
The SideStop delivers productivity by giving you ease of use, allows you to change setups while keeping your "X" zero, and is "out of the way" when in or out of use.

Ease of use, accessibility

All of the adjustment screws are easily accessible from the top, with one size hex key.Stop busting your knuckles!
You can adjust the "Y" location of the SideStop without affecting the "X" zero position.

Keeps your zero (highly repeatable)

You can completely remove (or slide) the front half of the SideStop out of the way for a new setup and restore the same X location when you go back to the previous setup. Works with Kurt type vises on a Bridgeport or CNC machine.

Out of the way

The "X" pin on the SideStop is the highest point. This reduces tool interference.
The "Y" shaft of the SideStop doesn't extend rearward. This eliminates the possibility of a crash with your way-covers.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dotco Tools

Dotco Tools



 When going to the Home Depot or Lowes for your run of the mill power tools just will not do, there are some other options out there.  The name Dotco Tools might not be as popular as Milwaukee Power Tools, but they really are some the most well made and best power tools you are going to find.  Made in USA and built super strong Dotco Tools are the best power tools around.  It's customer base is geared towards Aerospace and Oil where money really isn't a factor when selecting quality tooling.  That does not mean that the general public can't purchase them.  Prices are higher than the run of the mill power tools, but not so much where you have to take out a mortgage or miss a car payment.  If you demand the best, then Dotco should be your brand of  choice for power tools and material removal.  The product line contains drills, belt sanders, grinders., routers, saws, percussion, sanders and other specialty tools.  Their belt sanders can get into places other power tools can't.  Grooves, corners, and hard to reach channels are no match for Dotco Tools.  If you are in the Aerospace, Foundry & Metalworking, Industrial Manufacturing, Motor Vehicle, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Rail, Shipbuilding, this brand of Dotco Tools is certainly something you should be familiar with. Dotco Tools is the trusted name in material removal and should be a brand that is in your Kennedy Tool Box!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Top Pick Best Micrometer 2017


Which are the best rated micrometers?  What are the best micrometers to buy?

This list contains the top brands in precision tools such as Starrett, Mitutoyo, Fowler, SPI, and Igaging.
Any of the micrometers on the list will do the job for you perfectly well.  What you after is a device that will give you accurate readings.  So what makes one micrometer better than the other?  A better question is why is one micrometer more expensive than another one.  I ask this question every time I buy a bottle of wine.  What is it about this bottle for $10.00 that I am missing if I bought a $50.00 bottle.
Basically I ask this question every time I buy anything.  For this article lets stick to micrometers, but the point has been made that basically on every decision you make you are always asking yourself should I spend more or less money for the item in question.  There are several factors that make one more expensive than the other one.  Factors such as price, quality durability, country of origin, and features. High priced micrometers can last a very long time if they are cared for properly.  Some of the lower priced ones are almost like disposable razors.  You know going in that these will get the job done but may not be your go to micrometer in your toolbox.  These lower priced models might not be there in a few years.

1. Mitutoyo 293-340 Digimatic Outside Micrometer, 0-1″ Range, 0.00005″/0.001mm Resolution, IP65, No Output, with Ratchet


Number one on the list may I present to you one of my favorite and most popular micrometers.  The Mitutoyo 293-340.  Back in 1934 the founder of Mitutoyo Yehan Numata started his company with one product in mind.  THE MICROMETER.  Many years have past but Mitutoyo is still making some of highest quality micrometers around.  They have gone digital now and perform like as you would expect something out of Japan to perform.  Think of your favorite Japanese car. Or if you don’t like Japanese cars, you certainly are someone who appreciates craftsmanship and value.  That is what you get with the Mitutoyo 293-340.  Coming in at under $150.00 the micrometer is certainly one of value.  Priced just right.  Not too high and certainly not so low you are thinking this has to be a piece of crap.  No need to protect this in your toolbox.  This micrometer comes standard with a hard plastic case that will protect your measuring device for many years down the road.  With carbide tipped measuring faces can you really go wrong?
Mitutoyo Coolant Proof Micrometer – 293-340
Range: 0-1″ w/ Ratchet Stop
with Dust/Water Protection Conforming to IP65 Level
• IP65 protection level, enabling use in environments exposed to cutting oil, etc*
*Anti-corrosion treatment is required after use.
• Measurement data output function is available with a water-resistant connection cable.
• Auto power ON/OFF function.
• Certificate of inspection* is included. (50mm/2” or less range models)
*It is not the type used to obtain calibration certificates.
• With a standard bar except for 0-25mm/0-1″ model.
• Supplied in fitted case. Plastic case up to 150mm/6″, Wooden box over 150mm/6″

2.  iGaging 0-1″ Digital Electronic Micrometer w/Large Display Inch/Metric


IGaging Part# 35-040-025
IGaging is a relative newcomer on our list and it has been selling fast.  Priced on the lower end of the spectrum, the IGaging 0-1″ Digital Electronic Micrometer will not disappoint.  For under $75.00 you are walking away with a device you can count on for accuracy but won’t break the bank.  Hobbyists and students who may be just getting into the metalworking industry might want to jump in at this level and get their feet wet.  I compare this model to maybe shopping at IKEA.  You know when you are walking in that you are not looking for high end high priced furniture.  However after walking around and sitting on some beds you are like wow this furniture is half bad.  That is how we feel about IGaging.  Wow, you are pretty damn good!

iGaging IP40 Digital Micrometers

  • Class leading Micrometer
  • Easy to read LCD Display
  • Accurate to 0.00015”
  • Hardened and Ground Spindle
  • Data output
  • Carbide anvil(s)
  • Resolution: 0.00005”/0.001mm
  • Durable IP40 rating
UPC 787461658239 , 810823012162
EAN  0810823012162 , 0787461658239

3.  The Starrett 795XFL-1  Starrett LCD Outside Micrometer, IP67, Friction Thimble, Lock Nut, Carbide Faces, Inch


What can we say about this bad boy is that it’s made really well.  Everything you would expect from Starrett.  A company who still manufactures its tools in the good old USA.  I compare this to the Ford Mustang.  Made in America and solid.  For all those people out there who only want to buy American but say they can’t find any good options.  The Starrett 795XFL-1 will not disappoint you.  You have your Ford Mustang or Harley Davidson in the palm of your hand now.  Comes in a little on the high side of a 0-1″ micrometer, but you get what you pay for.

Starrett Electronic Micrometer

IP67 Protection Against Coolant, Water, Dust & Dirt
  • RS232 output port for data transmission to Starrett DataSure® Wireless Data Collection Systems or wire-based data systems.On Series 795 only.
  • Series 796 does not have data output.
  • Balanced, tapered frame
  • Starrett no-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve
  • Hard and stable one piece spindle
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD readout
  • Micro-lapped carbide measuring faces
  • Automatic OFF after 20 minutes of nonuse
  • Inch/millimeter conversion
  • Measurement HOLD button
  • Zero tool at any position – retain and return to true zero
  • Resolution: .00005″ (0.001mm)
  • Accuracies: Inch: ±.0001″,Metric: ±.002mm

4.   SPI IP65 Electronic Outside Micrometer 13-731-5
At #4 we are happy to show you the SPI 0-1″ Outside Mike.  She is a beauty and the best thing about this dream micrometer is it’s NIST Certified Right Out of the Box.  That is a savings of about $50.00 right there and coming in total at under $150.00 this best micrometer certainly is a steal.  Not only are you getting a great micrometer, it is also testing for accuracy and supplied with the certificate proving it!  Wow that is great don’t you think?  SPI warranties it’s product for a year so you know that you are in good hands with this Micrometer.  I think you will be really happy with the value you get here and lots of Penn Tool’s customers agree.  Go with the SPI- “Your Partner in Precision.”

SPI IP65 Electronic Outside Micrometer, 0-1″ – 13-731-5

  • IP65 level protection
  • Carbide measuring faces
  • Spindle: 0.25″ dia.
  • Standard included above 0-1″ range
  • SPC output. (cable optional)
  • Painted frame with heat shield
  • Resolution: 0.00005″/0.001 mm
  • Absolute and incremental measuring modes
  • Ratchet thimble
  • Splindle lock
  • Certification of calibration traceable to NIST
  • Furnished in fitted case
0 to 1 Inch Range, 0.0001 Inch Resolution, Standard Throat, IP65 Electronic Outside Micrometer
Measuring Range 0 – 1″
Resolution (Inch) 0.00005″
Resolution (mm) 0.001 mm
Thimble Ratchet
Fract Minimum Range Measurement 0
Display Type LCD
Accuracy 0.00016″
Battery Type SR44
SPC Output Yes
SPI Part Number 13-731-5
Includes Certificate of Calibration Traceable to NIST

SPI Micrometers

5.  Fowler 54-860-001 Electronic IP54 Outside Micrometer, 0-1″/0-25mm Measuring Range, 0.00005″/0.001mm Resolution, 0.00016″ Accuracy, RS-232 Output 

Coming at #5 a brand that never disappoints, the Fowler 54-860-001 is oh so sweet and under $90.00 at the time this article was written.  Fowler has always been synonymous with high quality and great value.  Our boys from Boston, actually Newton Mass, give it their all like the New England Patriots did this year in the Super Bowl.  I am not saying that Fowler is some come from behind brand, but they are like an old reliable pal.  Always there for you and not going to rip you off.  What else do you want in this micrometer?  Pick up one of these and you are sure to be as happy as Tom Brady.  Well maybe not that happy, but try out some Fowler Tools and you are sure to smile knowing you got a great tool.

Fowler Electronic Micrometer, 0-1″ – 54-860-001

  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Automatic switch off
  • Accuracy: .00016″ 0-1″
  • Direct RS232 output
  • Insulated frames
  • Electronics are protected by tough, ABS housing
  • Friction thimble
  • Includes fitted case
  • Digital outside micrometers with a choice of measuring range and flat anvil/spindle pair for general purpose measuring
  • LCD performs direct inch/metric conversions and has a switchable resolution of 0.00005″ and 0.001mm
  • Friction thimble provides smooth and quiet operation, and is suitable for one-handed operation
  • Certified IP54 for dust and water protection and ABS housing provides durability and protection of electrical components
  • RS-232 output provides ability to export readings to a computer (cable not included)
  • UNSPSC Code 41111601

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tin Knocker Roll Former, 20 Ga Button Lock

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Tin Knocker Roll Former, 20 Ga Button Lock


Tin Knocker Roll Former, 20 Ga Button Lock
Tin Knocker's 9 Station Button Lock Rollformer means no hammering over of edges. The Button Lock roll former comes with "male" tooling on one side and "female" on the opposing side. A fast, effective way of marrying 20 to 26 gauge duct sections


Capacity: 20-26 Gauge
Motor: 3 HP, 230/3/60 (Available also in 230/1/60 option)
Lube: Centralized
Speed: Approx. 60 FPM
Dimensions: 60" x 30" x 42" (152mmx 762mm x 1067mm)
Weight: 820 lbs.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cuttermaster End Mill Sharpener & Tool Grinder - The Original

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Cuttermaster End Mill Sharpener & Tool Grinder - The Original

Product Description

Cuttermaster End Mill Sharpener & Tool Grinder - The Original

Complete with Air Bearing Fixture, Work Area Lighting, 5” Cup Aluminum Oxide Wheel & Air Filter
  • Grinds O.D.s and ends of standard end mills in one setup within just a few minutes.
  • Extremely versatile and is used for much more than just end mills. With the z-axis you get 8 different axes to work with for unlimited versatility.
  • 1 Machine grinds it all end mill, drills, roughing endmill, taps, countersinks, carbide tools, radius end mills, lathe tool bits, various forms tools, reamers, performs gashing and much more.
  • The pneumatic finger instantly and automatically sets primary and secondary clearance angles with the flip of switch.
  • Dials zero out.
  • Air bearing has a 360 degree swivel base for taper grinding.
  • The Jet-Stream air bearing fixture is precision honed and capable of grinding to close tolerances. The spindle sleeve is made from stainless steel and the spindle itself is hard chromed steel.
  • Takes standard 5C collets, with end mill holders available that can hold shank sizes up to 2".
  • Tables are cast 2" iron and precision ground.
  • Motor/spindle assembly tilts to positive and negative angles, cutting tool clearance angles can be adjusted as needed.
  • Grinding chart provides clearance angles for all end mills from 3/16"-3".
  • 1 year warranty against factory defects and workmanship.
Air Bearing Stroke 10.5"
Air Bearing Swing over Table 9.8"
Cutting Tool Capacity 2" shank, 9.8" O.D., 10.5" flute length
T-Slot Dimension .800 x .500 x .670
Table Feed Graduations .001 or .02mm
X-Axis Table Travel 6"
Y-Axis Table Travel 3", plus motor sildes back & forth 6"
X-Axis Table Working Space 16.5" x 5.5"
Y-Axis Travel Working Space 13" x 5.5"
Wheel 5" cup (or 6" dish with Z-axis), 1-1/4" arbor
Motor Tilt +35/-8 degrees
Motor 1/3 HP, 3450 RPM, 110V/60hz or 220V/50hz
Net Weight 180 lbs. / 82 kilos
Gross Weight 232 lbs. / 106 kilos
Machine Dimensions, not includinghandles 21" x 20" x 21"
Shipping Dimensions 30" x 28" x 29"

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Johnson Machine Mountable Electronic Level w/ Bluetooth

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Johnson Machine Mountable Electronic Level w/ Bluetooth

Johnson Level

  • Use for new machinery installation and machinery relocation
  • Read level in X and Y axis at the push of a button
  • Remote control features large LCD screen reads level in X or Y axis
  • http://www.penntoolco.com/johnson-machine-mountable-electronic-level-w-bluetooth/
  • Green backlit screen reads digitally and graphically
  • Reads via cable outlet or wireless Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth supported operating range 32'
  • Reads slope in %, mm/m, and in/ft
  • Operation range is + 10 degrees of level
  • Measures level in X or Y axis to within a maximum accuracy of 0.01 degrees
  • Machine Mountable Electronic Level w/3 AA Batteries
  • Remote Control w/3 AA Batteries
  • DC 5V adapter
  • Remote cable & PC cable
  • Carrying case w/strap

Operation Range -10° ~ +10°
Leveling Axis X & Y
Resolution 0.002°, 0.01°, 0.1°, 1°
Repeatability < 0.005° (2δ)
Absolute Accuracy (25°) < 0.01° (±3°) < 0.04° (±10°)
Temperature Drifting < 1'' / °C (0°) < 1.5'' / °C (±3°)
Response Time < 2S
Operation Temperature 14º F to 122º F (-10° C to +50° C)
Storage Temperature -4º F to 140º F (-20° C to +60° C)
Weight 1.575 lbs (.714 kg)
Dimensions 5.25" x 2.75" x .95" (134mm x 70mm x 24mm)
Communication from
Electronic Level
to Remote Control
Electronic Level
Remote Control
Bluetooth Output * 1
Cable Output * 2
Bluetooth Output * 1
Cable Output * 1
PC Output * 1
Power Supply Remote Control: 3 AA Alkaline Batteries
Electronic Level: 3 AA Alkaline Batteries or DC 5V adapter
Range for Bluetooth 32' (10m)
Audible Alarm 1. Out of Level Range Indicator
2. Low Power Supply Indicator
Battery Life Electronic Level: 8 hours
Remote Control : 8 hours
LCD Back Light Color Green
Warranty 1 year