Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Manufacturing Sector Heats Up in June


The Philadelphia Fed’s gauge of manufacturing activity in the mid-Atlantic region rose to 17.8 in June from 15.4 in May, surpassing Wall Street expectations for a fall to 14. The reading was the highest since September.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mitutoyo New Moticam Series Accessory Cameras

Mitutoyo New Moticam Series Accessory Cameras

Mitutoyo New Moticam Series Accessory Cameras


  • These new cameras are more compact and less expensive than previously offered models.
  • The Moticam 2 and Moticam 3 cameras (64AAB429/64AAB430) offer high resolution (up to 3 Mega-Pixels) live imaging.
  • The Moticam 5 (64AAB431) offers high resolution (5MP) live and capture imaging allowing 300dpi image creation.
  • The Moticam 580 camera (64AAB432) offers 5MP resolution and includes the ability to display a live HDMI signal at 1080p resolution on a monitor without the need for a PC and can capture images directly onto an SD card.
  • All of the cameras use a USB 2.0 interface and include the Motic Images Plus standard software.
  • The Image Plus software offers image capture, geometric measurement and reporting capabilities.
  • The Moticam cameras include a connection kit with eyepiece couplers, a focusable macro lens and a selection of connection adapters.
The following camera mount couplers are also recommended to ensure simple integration of Moticam cameras with Mitutoyo microscopes:

176 Series MF and MF-U Microscopes
970441 1X C-Mount Pass-Through Adapter
375-054 0.5X Reducing Relay Lens C-Mount Adapter
Ensures correct distance between camera and lens for proper imaging

TM 500 Series Microscopes
64PMI237 Moticam Eyetube Adaptor
Used in place of the TM 500 microscope eyepiece and cross hair reticle