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George Schuetz, Mahr Federal Inc.
 If a workpiece has ever left your shop with an important dimension unmeasured because you couldn't get at it to measure it, you probably didn't know about indicating caliper gages.  Regardless of the shape of the housing or the complexity of the casting, no matter what size the flange, what curve the tubing, what width the material, or what depth the recess, an indicating caliper gage can give you the desired thickness or inside dimension.  Non-destructively, let me hasten to add.
 It is important to distinguish indicating caliper gages from the familiar 0"- 6" calipers. These latter, though useful tools, are only capable of measuring the basics -- IDs, ODs, lengths and depths.  Indicating caliper gages, on the other hand, use dial indicators.  Most have resolutions of .010", and some go to .001".  With a range from 0" - 1", or 0" - 3", the indicating caliper gage incorporates a scissors action to facilitate getting around obstructions, and is an immensely useful tool.
 The key to the caliper gage's flexibility is its inherently simple hinged geometry: movement at the contacts is mechanically reduced by a gear at the pivot, then re-enlarged the same amount on the face of the indicator.  (The ratio is usually 10:1.)  As long as that ratio is maintained, the jaws can be essentially any shape you want.  They can curve over and around any type of flange, into any curved or angled hole, across long distances, and into the most inaccessible recesses.
 The thing to remember about caliper gages is, if you don’t see it, ask for it.  Our catalog, for example, lists eight standard gages, but we have engineered -- and I'm not exaggerating -- over 50,000 "specials" for customers ranging all over the board.  To design a special caliper gage all a manufacturer needs is a print of the part to be measured, although a sample can also be helpful.
 Besides jaw shape, other common options include jaw size (up to 4' long!), body material (aluminum, magnesium, honeycomb composites, etc.), contact shape (ball, blade, rollers), and contact material (carbide, ruby, diamond, plastic).  Of course, the indicators come in inches or metric, and any kind of custom dial face can be designed to suit the application.  Revolution counters are standard to help you keep track of large dimensions.  Because they're fairly simple tools, prices are moderate: most specials cost $700-$800, although prices as low as $500 and as high as $5,000 are not unheard of.
 Where would you use an indicating caliper gage?  Just a few applications that spring to mind are: housings and castings of all kinds; valve bodies; manifolds; tubing; aircraft components (turbine blades, body and wing components, fuel tanks); wide sheet-type materials (steel, laminates, plywood, composition boards); air-cooled engine cylinder  castings (check wall thickness between the fins); and toilets.  I know a jet engine manufacturer who has a dedicated caliper gage for every critical dimension on his engine housing castings: literally thousands of gages.

 Outside caliper gages measure outside dimensions, such as cylinder or tubing wall thicknesses, flanges, and sheet-stock.  Inside caliper gages are often the only way to check inside dimensional features like seal and bearing seats deep inside a casting, recess IDs, or IDs of bent tubing.
 Even if your tolerances are relatively coarse fractional numbers that you could measure with a pocket scale or a 0" - 6" dial caliper, or if you currently use a Go/No Go gage, an indicating caliper gage can provide benefits in a production environment.  Rather than waiting until you bump up against the next tick on the scale that says you're at your tolerance limit, or worse, make a bad, “No Go” part, the higher resolution and magnification of an indicating caliper allows you to view the trend of your process.  You can see if your dimension is getting larger or smaller, be it ever so gradually.  This permits you to make adjustments so that you stay near the center of your tolerance range, and avoid the limits altogether.
 In sum: Within the limits of their ability to resolve, there's virtually nothing you can't measure with an indicating caliper gage.

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#Nasco Industries' Spring #Balancers

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Spring #Balancers

With a large model selection and capacity ranges up to 154 lbs (70kg), #Nasco can provide balancers for suspending and retracting many devices such as:
  • Light tools
  • Bar code scanners
  • Overhead cables
  • Staplers
  • Hot melt glue guns
  • Radial arm saws
  • Heavy instruments requiring precise positioning
  • Welding equipment
  • Nail guns
  • Any device from under 1 lb to over 150 lbs

Retracting Balancers

The retracting tool balancers are available in three models with weight capacities up to 10 lbs. They are compact in size with all models having a diameter of only 2.9 inches creating increased work space. The balancer housing is a metal casting designed for industrial environments. The balancer cables are available as either monofilament(standard), steel for
hot melt guns and welding equipment or Dacron for superior abrasion resistance. The cable tension and release functions both operate in incremental steps for safely setting optimum cable tension. This prevents a tool from suddenly falling during the adjustment process.

Load Positioning / Zero Gravity Balancers
 Load Positioning / Zero Gravity Balancers

With a zero gravity balancer, you can create a cable tension (upward force) that is equal to the weight of a suspended load and will maintain that tension over the entire cable travel. As such, the load can be moved up or down with minimum effort and will remain wherever positioned. An external balancing adjustment can be set exactly through a hardened worm gear system with no special tools required. Balancer adjustment is gradual so there is no instant tension release and the load and the operator remain safe. Suspended loads can be changed safely by engaging a simple drum lock. Load ratings from 2 lbs to 154 lbs can be obtained by selecting from ten balancer models. All balancers are in a rugged metal housing for durability in an industrial environment. A forged swivel suspension hook allows 360° balancer rotation for easiest cable flow.

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Ingersoll Rand 2Q Profit Tops Estimates

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Ingersoll Rand Plc reported higher-than-expected second- quarter profit on Friday, helped by stronger sales and margins in its industrial segment, but said North American and Asian industrial markets were slowing.
The maker of Trane air conditioners, Schlage locks and Club Car golf carts earned $365.8 million, or $1.16 per share, compared with $92.3 million, or 26 cents, a year earlier.
Excluding a tax benefit and other items, Ingersoll earned $1 a share, 9 cents ahead of Wall Street estimates, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.
Sales fell 7 percent to $3.82 billion, below estimates of $3.88 billion.
Ingersoll, whose competitors include United Technologies Corp's Carrier unit and Lennox International Inc , said its markets showed uneven demand, with moderate growth in the United States, Asia and Latin America offsetting a weak Europe.
It expects full-year earnings from continuing operations between $3.15 and $3.25 a share. It was not immediately clear whether the forecast included a tax benefit of 15 cents a share reported in the quarter.

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#Meyer Gage Laboratory Accredited To 17025

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Meyer Gage Company Inc
July 19, 2012

Meyer Gage  

Your Gage & Calibration Source 

South Windsor, CT - July 19, 2012  The laboratory at Meyer Gage Company has successfully completed the evaluation process conducted by American Association of Laboratory Accreditation ( A2LA ). The laboratory has achieved a scope of accreditation for cylindrical plug gages and cylindrical ring gages.  The laboratories certificate # 3340.01 and scope are available on the A2LA website link American Association for Laboratory Accreditation Directory
The laboratory lends to the innate value of Meyer Gage products. Meyer Gage a manufacturer of precision fixed limit gages for over 50 years now holds accreditations in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO / IEC 17025:2005. 

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Light Tool Supply has joined Pinterest



Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, 're-pin' images to their own collections or 'like' photos. Pinterest's mission is to "connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting"[3] via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing. Founded by Ben Silbermann, of West Des Moines, Iowa,[4] the site is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and inventors. It is one of the “fastest growing social services in the world.”[5]

Baileigh Industrial-Hydraulic Press Brake - BP-3363 NC

New from Baileigh Industrial-Hydraulic Press Brake - BP-3363 NC

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The BP-3363NC press brake has 33tons of bending force over it full 63” frame.  The Frame on this Hydraulic press brake is made from fully welded steel plate designed to give minimum amounts of deflection as well as offer maximum rigidity.  The BP-3363NC also features a heavy duty torque tube that connects a pair of hydraulic cylinders ensuring accuracy to .04mm.  As with all Baileigh Industrial press brakes, the BP-3363NC uses only top quality components from manufacturers like, NOK, Siemens, and Omron.
Another nice feature of the BP-3363NC press brake is a two axis DRO that monitors the powered back gauge and the bend depth making this one easy to use press brake at an incredible price.


Baileigh Indusgtrial Corner Notcher - SN-F04-MS

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Corner Notcher - SN-F04-MS 

If you are looking for a little more capacity from your corner notcher, try the SN-F04-MS sheet metal corner notcher from Baileigh Industrial. The SN-F04-MS is the great for making perfect corners in metal that are impossible with hand tools.  This corner notcher has a 6mm or 4 gauge mild steel capacity, so it can make quick work of most any job.  The SN-F04-MS corner notcher has blades that are fixed at 90°, ensuring a perfect notch every time. A 25.5” x 25.5” oversized working table includes table guides, for even more accuracy.
The SN-F04-MS sheet metal notcher has 8.5” long blades that can be flipped and resharpened many times for even more life and cost savings. The blades are also negatively raked to pull the material to the stops during the cut, for the most accuracy available.   The SN-F04-MS sheet metal notcher comes with a powerful 220V 3 phase motor for years of notching and with a operator controlled foot pedal controls the SN-F04-MS is capable of 15 strokes per minute.
Contact Baileigh Industrial at 920-684-4990 to find out more information on the SN-F04-MS or any of the other great Baileigh Industrial products.

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