Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#Roll-In Saw HM1212 Industry's Top Horizontal Miter Band Saw

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Roll-In Saw HM1212 Industry's Top Horizontal Miter Band Saw
#Roll-In Saw HM1212 Industry's Top Horizontal Miter Band Saw

Roll-In Saw’s horizontal miter band saws are ideal for your precision-cutting needs.  Both models are fast and accurate for straight and angle cuts at 60° in both directions.  Whether you select the HM1212 or the HW1212 wet saw, you will be purchasing the highest capacity saws in their class.  The heavy duty Roll-In Saw design assures you years of reliable and efficient service.

Technical Data
Capacity Under Guides 12" Round @ 90°, 12" x 10" Rectangle @ 90°
9" Round @ 45°, 9" Square @ 45°
6" Round @ 60°, 6" Square @ 60°
Motor 1 HP 110/220V single-phase
Blade Size 1" Width x 11' 8" Length .035 Thick (bi-metal)
Swivel Swivels 60° both directions
Blade Guards Pulleys and blade
Blade Speeds 70/140/270 sfpm
Table Height 30" from floor
Feed Systems Hydraulic cylinder for controlled feeds
Wheels Cast Iron Wheels
Dimensions 26" Width x 63" Height x 73" Length
Shipping Weight 1,000 lbs., F.O.B. Cleveland, Ohio

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