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Earth chain Deburring Machine

Earth chain Deburring Machine

At $27,170.00 

 it is the lowest priced on the Internet and worth every penny.

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Watch it in action here

Earth chain Deburring Machine

Fast and easy to operate

  • Cover bottom of pail with media
  • Add parts side-by-side
  • Add deburring machine solution until parts and media are covered by 1/4"
  • Program speed and time and "Start"
  • Strain media from parts when cycle finishes.
Micro Deburring Equipment

The sPINner performs batch deburring on small, precision parts like these without the need for hand deburring …in minutes!

The sPINner deburring machine works best on small, precision parts, made from non-ferrous metals including: aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and titanium. The deburring process will not affect tolerances or damage delicate parts. The sPINner micro deburring process is used in many industries including medical, aerospace, and electronics. It is also a good fit for most parts made on CNC Swiss-type screw machines.

sPINner Micro Deburring Machines

Model No. Dim. L x W x H Tank Size L x W Power Amps Weight
EDH-728 19" x 19" x 37" 11" x 11" 220V 5 160 lbs.
EHD-735 23" x 26" x 34" 15" x 16" 220V 10 220 lbs.
EHD-750 29" x 30" x 36" 21" x 23" 220V 15 385 lbs.
All power requirements are single phase.
Standard accessories include: 2 deburring containers, 1 separating container, and 1 manual.
Media and deburring machine solution sold separately.

Stainless Steel Pin Media (SUS 304 with magnetic treatment)

This special stainless steel media is hardened to HRC 30, and will last for years in most applications. To deburr hard materials like stainless steel, steel, etc., use a diameter of media bigger than 0.5mm. Use sizes less than 0.5mm for soft material like brass, copper, aluminum, gold, etc. Choose larger pins for harder material and/or to increase deburring machine's power.
If you want to deburr small holes, choose a diameter of pin media that is smaller than the hole. 3mm length media will work better for small holes and crevices.
Standard Dimension Media (diameter x length in millimeters)
Size (mm) 0.2X5mm 0.3x5mm 0.4x5mm 0.5x5mm 0.7x5mm
Part No. EHD-S6 EHD-S7 EHD-S8 EHD-S9  
Size (mm) 0.8x5mm 1.0x5mm 1.2x5mm 1.5x5mm  

Special Dimension Media (diameter x length in millimeters)
  0.3X3mm 0.4x3mm 0.5x1mm 0.5x3mm 0.7x3mm
Part No. EHD-P6 EHD-P7 EHD-P8    
Size (mm) 0.8x3mm 1.0x1mm 1.0x3mm    

Deburring Machine Solution

Used with all types of materials. Dilute to a 50:1 ratio with water. Other solutions may be used. Call for recommendations.
Model No. Description
PFS-747 1/2 gallon deburring machine solution
Earth chain Deburring Machine

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