Thursday, December 8, 2011

Calculated Industries (CI)

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Over 30 Years & 8 Million Satisfied Customers.
We Put Answers at Your Fingertips!

Founded in 1978, Calculated Industries (CI) is the country's leading manufacturer and marketer of specialty construction calculators and digital measuring tools. For over 30 years, our products have helped more than 8 million busy professionals work better, faster, and more efficiently with easy-to-use, portable solutions.
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Founded in 1978, Calculated Industries is one of the country's leading manufacturers of specialty construction calculators and digital measuring tools. In 1994, the company relocated from Southern California to ultra-modern facilities in Carson City, Nevada. Located in a diversified manufacturing and distribution hub, the company has convenient access to both U.S. and International markets.
Calculated Industries, Inc., develops intuitive, industry specific industrial calculators and estimating tools for professionals in real estate, financial planning, construction, architecture, interior and facilities design, radio and television broadcasting, and payroll accounting. CI also designs and builds custom calculators for specific companies’ unique needs. In addition, we design and market products for hobbyists and consumers.
At Calculated Industries we manage the entire process, from market research to designing, testing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing to worldwide markets. We also provide course materials and training in our major market areas--construction and real estate--for schools, companies, and individual customers.
CI products have won dozens of awards over the years. Most recently, Builder magazine readers gave Calculated Industries the #1 Quality Rating for Builder Instruments in a recent survey. It is the third time the company has earned the top rating.

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