Thursday, July 26, 2012

#Nasco Industries' Spring #Balancers

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Spring #Balancers

With a large model selection and capacity ranges up to 154 lbs (70kg), #Nasco can provide balancers for suspending and retracting many devices such as:
  • Light tools
  • Bar code scanners
  • Overhead cables
  • Staplers
  • Hot melt glue guns
  • Radial arm saws
  • Heavy instruments requiring precise positioning
  • Welding equipment
  • Nail guns
  • Any device from under 1 lb to over 150 lbs

Retracting Balancers

The retracting tool balancers are available in three models with weight capacities up to 10 lbs. They are compact in size with all models having a diameter of only 2.9 inches creating increased work space. The balancer housing is a metal casting designed for industrial environments. The balancer cables are available as either monofilament(standard), steel for
hot melt guns and welding equipment or Dacron for superior abrasion resistance. The cable tension and release functions both operate in incremental steps for safely setting optimum cable tension. This prevents a tool from suddenly falling during the adjustment process.

Load Positioning / Zero Gravity Balancers
 Load Positioning / Zero Gravity Balancers

With a zero gravity balancer, you can create a cable tension (upward force) that is equal to the weight of a suspended load and will maintain that tension over the entire cable travel. As such, the load can be moved up or down with minimum effort and will remain wherever positioned. An external balancing adjustment can be set exactly through a hardened worm gear system with no special tools required. Balancer adjustment is gradual so there is no instant tension release and the load and the operator remain safe. Suspended loads can be changed safely by engaging a simple drum lock. Load ratings from 2 lbs to 154 lbs can be obtained by selecting from ten balancer models. All balancers are in a rugged metal housing for durability in an industrial environment. A forged swivel suspension hook allows 360° balancer rotation for easiest cable flow.


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