Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dotco Tools

Dotco Tools



 When going to the Home Depot or Lowes for your run of the mill power tools just will not do, there are some other options out there.  The name Dotco Tools might not be as popular as Milwaukee Power Tools, but they really are some the most well made and best power tools you are going to find.  Made in USA and built super strong Dotco Tools are the best power tools around.  It's customer base is geared towards Aerospace and Oil where money really isn't a factor when selecting quality tooling.  That does not mean that the general public can't purchase them.  Prices are higher than the run of the mill power tools, but not so much where you have to take out a mortgage or miss a car payment.  If you demand the best, then Dotco should be your brand of  choice for power tools and material removal.  The product line contains drills, belt sanders, grinders., routers, saws, percussion, sanders and other specialty tools.  Their belt sanders can get into places other power tools can't.  Grooves, corners, and hard to reach channels are no match for Dotco Tools.  If you are in the Aerospace, Foundry & Metalworking, Industrial Manufacturing, Motor Vehicle, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Rail, Shipbuilding, this brand of Dotco Tools is certainly something you should be familiar with. Dotco Tools is the trusted name in material removal and should be a brand that is in your Kennedy Tool Box!

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