Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NEWAGE Electric Arc Etching Pen Model 300



NEWAGE Electric Arc Etching Pen Model 300

Metal Etching Engraver NEW-300

The Newage Etching Pen makes a permanent mark on any metal using an electric arc. The mark is actually incised into the surface and is as permanent as the surface on which it is written.

To operate the power cord, pen, and return wire must all be connected. Hold or clip the return wire anywhere on the part and start writing with the pen - just as if you were using a regular pen. The Etching Pen uses a unique design to make the pen tip move smoothly and easily. When the tip becomes worn out it may be replaced easily. Users may select either of three settings for a heavier or lighter mark.

The Etching Pen Is Well Engineered
  • Electric arc etch any metal
  • Writes like a pen - unique vibrator makes writing easier than other models
  • All replacement parts are readily available
  • Three engraving widths
  • Sturdy construction - no cork
  • Completely safe from electric shock
  • Molded case with carrying handle
  • Mounting bracket for storing pen on base

  • Identification
  • Serialization
  • Labeling
  • Security Coding
  • QC Recording
  • Sample Markup

Dimensions6.25”W x 4.75”H x 11.5”L (Base)
8.5” long x 1” dia. (Pen)
Power SupplyAC single phase 50 or 60 Hz,
100/110 V standard
Transformer Power200 watt, approximate,
output to 7 volt, adjustable
ShipmentShipping weight 10 lbs,
Double boxed for safe shipment

Part numbers
KT-41Etching Pen Complete
KT-25Writing Points (1 dozen)
KT-10Pen only with 36” cord
KT-26BReturn wire with alligator clip, 40” long

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