Thursday, October 4, 2012

Husky Tools teams up with MMA Fighter Thiago Alves who won his fight at UFC 124

Thiago Alves wins in UFC 124 with a unanimous decision, 30-27 on all cards against John Howard

Thiago Alves wins in UFC 124 last night and credits Mike Dolce and he "Dolce Diet" for helping him come to the fight ready and at proper weight.  He previously has had some trouble in the past and has shown up for fights looking drained as if trying too hard to make weight.  He has previously stated that he has starved himself for weeks prior to fights to make the 170-pound welterweight division  The "Dolce Diet" seemed to do the trick as Thiago Alves came ready to fight and looked like a beast ready to smash some skulls. 
Last night Thiago Alves picked up a unanimous decision, 30-27 on all cards for the win against John Howard

And Here Thiago Alves is wearing Husky Tools on his shorts.  Husky is now sponsoring this MMA Champ.

                                            photo by Ken Pishna http://mmaweekly.com

                                            photo by Ken Pishna http://mmaweekly.com

                                            Michael Elson
                                            President of Light Tool Supply
                                            Winner at Grapplers Quest
If Husky is looking for another person to sponsor how about the President of Light Tool Supply, Michael Elson?  I am ready!  LOL.

Looks like more Tool Companies are sponsoring MMA fighters these days.  It think it is a good match and smart of the big manufactures to take notice.  The latest is Husky Tools and Thiago Alves.  I always love watching Thiago Alves fight.  I am looking forward to seeing him wearing the Husky logo on his shorts.  It most certainly is good for The Tool Industry getting more exposure.  People who buy tools spend money and they also seem to like sports like Mixed Martial Arts.  Good luck Thiago and smart move by Husky picking a talented member of The MMA Community to represent their products.

Husky Tools teams up with MMA Fighter Thiago Alves
DEERFIELD BEACH, FLa. (Dec. 3, 2010) – On Dec. 11, 2010 in Montreal, Canada, Welterweight MMA Artist Thiago Alves will sport the Husky Hand Tools logo on his shorts as he takes on rival John Howard.

Husky Hand Tools aligned itself with Alves because of the similarities in traits between the brand and the fighter:  hard working, diverse and powerful.

“Because of all the upfront hard work and innovative powerful designs, Husky Hand Tools and Accessories continue to deliver reliable performance that helps to make tough jobs easier” said Iron Bridge Tools Karen Gough.  “Just like when you use a Husky Hand Tool, in Mixed Martial Arts success comes by combining power with finesse and reliability; and that is also the winning combination you get with the passionate and committed Thiago Alves.”

Thiago Alves, a native of Brazil and current resident of Coconut Creek, FL has been a winning MMA Fighter for 12 years. With a 22-5-0 record, Thiago a UFC and AFC Veteran, has been King of the Cage, Mass Destruction Champion, Reality Fighting Champion, Shooto America Veteran, 3X Brazilian State Champion Muay Thai, and more.  Alves, a determined and ardent winner overcame a potentially career ending health issue earlier this year,  and through a comprehensive new diet and strengthening workout schedule, Alves is back to top form and ready to win the December 11th match up!

Innovative, Reliable and Hard Working…that Means Husky Hand Tools and Thiago Alves!

About Iron Bridge Tools and Husky
Founded in 2006, Florida based Iron Bridge Tools has quickly become a worldwide marketer of innovative and top-quality hand tools and accessories. With offices throughout the United States and in China, Iron Bridge Tools produces branded and custom label tools available in leading retailers across the globe, including products marketed under the Husky line of hand tools, available exclusively at The Home Depot.  Husky products are well known for their quality, unique designs, durability and affordability. 

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