Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hoppy Photometric Headlight Aimer VISION 100

Hoppy Photometric Headlight Aimer VISION 100

Hoppy Photometric Headlight Aimer VISION 100

The Hoppy Vision 100 Photometric Headlight Aimer has received the prestigious Innovation Tools Award sponsored by Professional Tool and Equipment News . It was selected by a panel of shop owners and technicians all of whom are Certified Master Technicians. The criteria for the selection include uniqueness, improvement over existing products, time saving ability and cost.

The Hoppy Vision 100 Photometric Headlamp Aimer is the result of a concentrated effort by Hoppy to develop a state of the art photometric aimer that is affordable, easy to use and will aim all D.O.T approved headlamps.

The Vision 100 is approved for use in all states and Provinces. It is also approved for all state Inspection programs including Maryland and Virginia.

  • LCD digital display gives simple, readable step by step aiming instructions.
  • Uses laser technology to square the aimer to the vehicle (no aiming visor needed).
  • The front centering cover uses photo diodes to accurately locate the optical center of lamp.
  • The operator is prompted with arrows on the LCD display which direction to move the aimer.
  • After there is Two XXft.s on the screen the aimer has found optical center of lamp (no light intensity meter needed).
  • Uses rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries.
  • Includes: Floor Track and Battery Charger.
Field of View:  ± 49in. V x ± 65in. H @ 25ft.
Candela: 1,000 – 100,000 candela
Temperature: 32 – 110 degrees F
Storage Temperature: 0 – 120 degrees F
Humidity: Non-condensing
Update Speed: 1 update / sec (maximum)
Accuracy: 4in. @25ft.
Repeatability: 1in. @ 25ft.
Power: Ni-Cad battery pack & 9 VDC Wall Charger
Voltage Input: 7.2 – 9.0 VDC
Battery Life (continuous): ± 4.25 hours
Headlamp Styles: US Low Beam, US High Beam, Fog Lamp
Aim Algorithms: Fractional Zone Aim (FZA), Hot Zone Aim (HZA)
Floor Slope Compensation: Adjustable ± 2O

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