Thursday, May 2, 2013

Universal Stand for Mahr/Federal Pocket Surf

Universal Stand for Mahr/Federal Pocket Surf

The EAS 2426 Universal Stand is a heavy duty, fully adjustable, multi-position comparator stand for staging the PocketSurf unit in any position relative to the workpiece surface to be measured. The stand will accommodate workpieces ranging in height from flush with the stand’s work surface up to 8.4"/ 215mm high, and can be used with or without additional workpiece fixturing.

The probe can be in its 90°,180° “Extended” or 270° positions. The stand’s 360° Column Clamp and Bracket can be positioned anywhere vertically and radially on the column, permitting the stand to be used as a height stand on a surface plate or other suitable work surface to measure workpieces positioned adjacent to it.

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