Thursday, March 14, 2013

#STEVENS #Chain #Vise Clamp

STEVENS Chain Vise Clamp

  • STEVENS Chain Vise Clamp
  • Fast initial setup. Socket head cap screws are used for mounting each end of the chain clamp to a subplate or T-slotted table.
  • Each standard duty kit No.20149 (clamping force up to 6,000 lbs) and heavy duty kit No.20149HD (clamping force up to 12,000 lbs) includes a cam-locking hook assembly, a take-up unit for adjusting chain tension, and a chain set
  • The Modular fixture above utilizes two chain clamps to secure the valve body casting. A standard Allen wrench is used to operate the cam-locking hook assembly
  • Plastic shoes snap into chain to protect finished surfaces  
  • Since workpiece sizes vary, differing lengths of chain may need to be assembled. Our new Hitch Pins which replace spring clips allow quicker and easier assembly & disassembly of chain sets.

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