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FOX411: Would a Victoria’s Secret Angel be useless in a garage?


SPEED Network Fairy Garage Mother: Only use for a Victoria's Secret Angel in a garage is as a pin-up on the wall. Burn!

Look out Victoria’s Secret Angels, there’s a Fairy Garage Mother in town.
And her name is April Rose.
Rose hosts SPEED Network’s “Dream Ride” Sweepstakes, and has a few choice words to say to her fellow winged ones, the Victoria’s Secret Angels.
“I’ve actually seen lots of Victoria’s Secret Angels in garages,” she tells Fox411.com. “Only problem: they’re usually pinup posters on the wall!”
We talked to the Fairy Garage Mother about cars, racing, and who’s sexier, a gal who’s handy with a makeup case, or one who knows her way around a toolbox.
FOX411: First tell us about the SPEED Dream Ride contest.
April Rose: Five winners get a five day trip for two to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California next April courtesy of SPEED. Anyone can enter to win. The five days are filled with crazy adrenalin-packed driving experiences with racing heavies such as Mario Andretti, Kyle Petty, Tanner Foust, and Dennis Anderson. Oh, and did I mention that I’ll be there too?
FOX411: You just did. How did you get involved?
Rose: I got involved with SPEED through Maxim magazine. I’ve been working alongside Maxim for more than three years and when they partnered up with the SPEED Dream Ride Sweepstakes, they asked me to represent them as the spokesperson, which is awesome because I love cars and racing. It was a natural fit and I’ve had a blast so far.
FOX411: What kind of guy or gal should enter the contest?
Rose: Anyone that loves cars, motorcycles or racing would absolutely love this. That’s the reason SPEED calls it the Dream Ride, it really is a dream for the winners, a chance to drive these crazy cars and motorcycles alongside icons in racing.
FOX411: They call you their Fairy Garage Mother. What kind of wishes does a Fairy Garage Mother grant?
Rose: The kind that Victoria’s Secret angels only wish they could!
FOX411: We’re not sure what that means. So who’s tougher, a Fairy Garage Mother or a Victoria’s Secret Angel?
Rose: In all honesty, if toughness was measured by a food eating contest, I would win, but there’s nothing pretty about that. Let’s not go there!
FOX411: Okay we won’t. Who’s sexier then?
Rose: Oh, come on! That’s not even fair! Those girls are like an army of perfect angelic fembots topped with rainbow sprinkles.
FOX411: Would a Victoria’s Secret Angel be useless in a garage?
Rose: That’s a common misconception. I’ve actually seen lots of Victoria’s Secret Angels in garages. Only problem: they’re usually pinup posters on the wall!
FOX411: Good point. What are you driving these days?
Rose: Right now I drive a Cadillac SRX. Love the car, but I live in Chicago and made the mistake of owning a rear wheel car that gets stuck in the snow weekly. I’m getting pretty good at shoveling snow about now.
FOX411: And what’s your favorite ride of all time?
Rose: Have to say probably the 68’ Shelby GT500, but really any great American muscle from the late sixties early seventies.

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