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Baileigh 220V Hydraulic Double Pinch Roll Bender R-H150


Baileigh IndustrialBaileigh 220V Hydraulic Double Pinch Roll Bender R-H150

Baileigh 220V Hydraulic Double Pinch Roll Bender R-H150

The R-H150 ring roller is a double pinch design that has two independent bottom rolls and one fixed top roll. The advantage of this type of section roll bender is that the operator can pre-bend and post bend the material which saves valuable production time, material, and allows for tight rolling. The bottom rolls have independent hydraulic controls tied to an encoder for the exact position which is displayed on the programmable DRO controller.
The programmable DRO controller can have a preset bottom position as well as a preset top position that makes
this tubing roller a repeatable bender which is a must have for larger production runs of tube, pipe, section, or angle iron.

This ring roller consists of a very heavy steel plate frame that is electro welded and tied to a heavy duty industrial grade hydraulics drive transmission that powers all three rollers. This heavy duty design has a Siemens® inverter drive to allow for soft startups of the main motor, as well as overload protection when bending at maximum capacity. The lateral roll guides and angle guide rolls are independently hydraulically driven for fine tuning when coiling. This tubing roller is capable of bending up to 6-1/4" round tubing and 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" x 1/2" angle iron, making it a very powerful section roll bender for a great price.

The R-H150 ring roller comes standard with hydraulic drive of rolls and 2 axis guides, segment rolls, and a simple to use operator pendant. The operator pendant housesall main controls of the machine and can be moved to the proper position to operate the tubing roller. This machine can operate in the vertical or horizontal position as required for the job.

Baileigh ring rollers are usually available for shipping within 72 hours or less. The R-H150 tubing roller has been built to some of the highest standards on the market for a fair price. This machine will pay the fabricator back handsomely and will be a solid fixture of profit for decades to come


 Min Diameter
 Pipe  5.5” (sch.40)  73"
 Round Tube  6.250” (.125”)  118"
 Square Tube  4” (.196”)  118"
 Angle Iron  4.75” (.5”)  60"
 Solid Square  3”  32"
 Solid Round  3.375”  36"
 Flat Bar Easy Way  7.875"(2")  40"
 Flat Bar Hard Way  5.5" (1.125")  118"

Roll Adjustment: Hydraulic
Pinch: Double
Shaft Diameter: 120mm/4.724"
Roll Diameter Upper:390mm/15.354"
Roll Diameter Lower: 390mm/15.354"
Driven Rolls: 3
Digital Readout: Yes
Speeds: 3.25 rpm
Motor: 20 hp
Power Requirement: 220v / 3phase
Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H): 79” / 59 ” / 80”
Shipping Weight: 10,400 lbs.

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