Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PRO360 and PRO3600 Digital Levels

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SPI PRO TRONIC Digital Level PRO 360
$189.00 SALE: $175.00
Made in U.S.A.
The SPI TRONIC PRO 360 is a revolutionary angle measuring tool.
Multi-functional. Digital Level, 360° Protractor and Inclinometer.
Instant LCD display of level, tilt, true vertical or any angle in between to highest accuracy, one tenth of a degree reading.
Use upside down, display reverses to right side up.
Deviation from the true plane is measurable through full 360° (4x90°).
Floating zero! Provides zero selection anywhere within its 360° range.
Hold button freeze! Displays reading for convenient out of sight measurements.
Reset plus Superset self-calibration modes.
High-impact machined aluminum frame houses a rugged electronic sensor, custom circuitry and the liquid crystal display.
Baseplate has V-groove for accurate registration on curved or cylindrical surfaces.
Tapped #6-32 holes in baseplate for special mountings.
Operates on standard 9V Alkaline battery for up to 250 hours of operation. Battery included.
Low battery indicator. Automatic shutoff.

SPI PRO TRONIC Digital Level PRO 3600
$299.00 SALE: $275.00
Order at http://www.lighttoolsupply.com
Multi functional level, protractor and inclinometer.
Measures full 360º, 0º to 90º in each quadrant, with standard counter clockwise rotation.
Large clear LCD display instantly shows level, true vertical and any angle between.
Additional features include a hold button freeze for convient out of sight measurements, a v-groove on the top plate for accurate registration on curved or cylindrical surfaces and tapped No, 6 -32 holes in base for plate for special mountings.
reset plus Superset self calibration modes.
Uses standard 9V alkaline battery (included).

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