Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baileigh 110V 1" Gear Driven Drill Press

Baileigh 110V 1" Gear Driven Drill Press


Baileigh 110V 1
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Metal Drill Press

Baileigh’s DP-1000G is a very economical gear head drill press that can run in any fabrication or machine shop considering it requires 110 volts of power.  It can drill through mild steel with up to a 1” drill bit.  It comes standard with a heavy cast iron base and adjustable table.

To reduce flexing this gear head drill press uses an ample column with a diameter of 4”.  The gear head also can be adjusted up or down on the column. The transmission offers multiple speeds that are perfect for drilling and tapping an array of different materials.  The DP-1000G comes standard with a halogen light and protective guarding.

This metal drill press is built to the quality standards you have come accustomed to with Baileigh Industrial products.  This machine is typically in stock for quick turnarounds.


Drill Capacity:
Tapping Capacity: m16
Spindle Speed: 130 – 2348 rpm
Spindle Travel: 5.3"
Table Dimensions (L/W): 19.75” / 13.75”
Base Dimensions (L/W): 15.5” / 19.5”
Motor: 1.5 hp
Power Requirements: 110 volt
Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H): 66” / 23” / 29”
Shipping Weight: 750 lbs


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