Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baileigh 220V Pipe and Tube Abrasive Notcher TN-400

Baileigh 220V Pipe and Tube Abrasive Notcher TN-400 
 Baileigh 220V Pipe and Tube Abrasive Notcher TN-400

Abrasive Tube and Pipe Notcher

Baileigh Industrial is proud to introduce our new Baileigh TN-400 abrasive pipe and tube notcher. This notching machine is perfect for coping the ends of 3/4” OD to 2” OD tubing or pipe at almost any imaginable angle from 0 to 60 Degrees. It uses a powerful 3 hp motor that requires 220V single phase to turn the 79″ x 4″ belt at speeds of 5420′ per minute. The TN-400pipe notcher can notch through tube or pipe in seconds giving you the perfect fit every time. Thistubing notcher has a quick release taper lock mechanism for loosening the vise for making angle or position adjustments in seconds with no tools.

The vise carriage rides on a smooth Thompson shaft assembly for precision and ease of movement during the notching cycle. The engagement lever is pivoted to make notching effortless for the operator. The vise is self centering for perfect belt positioning every time. The jaws on the vise are of a V-block design to keep the part on center with the notching spindle, to hold the part more securely. The TN-400 tube notcher has a carriage stop for repeatable notches every time. The vise has an offset adjustment when more metal is required for strength required on certain areas of hand railing or chassis for rock climbers or dirt track cars.

Baileigh Industrials abrasive pipe notcher requires different size mandrels for each different OD intended to notch. Mandrel changing is made easy on the TN-400. All that is required is take off the quick change side guard, then loosen the belt tension hand wheel so the belt can be slid off, so the operator can change out the mandrel with a new size in seconds. Like all of Baileigh Industrial tube notcher machines, the TN-400 pipe notcher is built to the highest standards using only industrial grade materials.


Notch Capacity (OD): 
.75”(min) – 2” (@ 45°) - 3" (@ 90°)
Angle Adjustment: 0 - 60 deg
Belt Size (L/W): 79" / 4"
Speed: 5420 fpm
Motor: 3 hp
Power Requirement: 220 v / 1 phase
Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H): 60” / 44” / 68”
Weight: 450 lbs

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