Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baileigh 220V 1" Inverter Driven Drill Press

Baileigh 220V 1" Inverter Driven Drill Press

Baileigh 220V 1 
Baileigh 220V 1" Inverter Driven Drill Press Drill Press Machine

The DP-1000VS variable speed drill press has a very wide column to eliminate flexing when drilling at full capacity.  The base and table are made from a very rigid casting adding to the strength of this 1” maximum capacity drilling machine.

The inverter driven head allows the machinist or fabricator to run tooling at the proper speed for each drill or tap size available.  Running at the exact speed extends tooling life, something that can’t be accomplished on other drills like pulley driven styles.   The DP-1000VS drill press also comes standard with a coolant system, guarding and a halogen light.


Drill Capacity Steel: 1"

Drill Capacity Cast Iron: 1.25"

Tapping Capacity Steel: 5/8"

Tapping Capacity Cast Iron: 3/4"

Spindle Speed: 150 - 3000 rpm

Swing: 16”

Spindle Taper: mt3

Spindle Travel: 5.3"

Spindle Nose to Table: 23.8"

Spindle Nose to Base: 45.3"

Quill Diameter: 2.44"

Column Diameter: 3.62"

Table Dimensions (L/W): 18.1” / 14.2”

Table Slot: 5/8"

Base Dimensions (L/W): 27" / 19"

Motor Main: 2 hp

Motor Coolant: 1/8 hp

Power Requirements: 220 volt / 1 Phase

Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H): 32” / 24” / 79”

Shipping Weight: 579 lbs


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