Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baileigh 14 guage Shrinker Stretcher


Baileigh 14 guage Shrinker StretcherBaileigh 14 guage Shrinker Stretcher


  • Baileigh’s MSS-14H sheet metal shrinker stretcher is made in the USA from solid plate steel and has a deep 6” throat. 
  • It comes standard with two sets of jaws, one for shrinking and one for stretching. 
  • This is a hydraulic/pneumatic operated machine which is controlled by a foot pedal allowing for hands free operation.
  • The MSS-14H has a mild steel capacity of 14 gauge and an aluminum capacity of 12 gauge making it one of  the most unique Shrinker stretchers on the market today.  http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/

Capacity Mild Steel: 14 ga
Capacity Aluminum: 12 ga
Throat Depth: 6"
Movement: Hydraulic Down/Pneumatic Up
Power: 120V

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