Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baileigh 110V Variable Speed Welding Positioner WP-1800

110V Variable Speed Welding Positioner WP-1800


Baileigh 110V Variable Speed Welding Positioner WP-1800


Baileigh Industrial's WP-1800 welding positioners by RMD are a must for precision welding of round tubing, pipe, or solids. Our welding positioners come standard with a heavy duty cart on wheels that has been ergonomically designed with the users comfort in mind. The WP-1800 is a portable rotary welding table that can be brought to any remote job site or easily moved around the fabrication shop. This machine requires 110 volts to power the DC variable speed drive delivering very high torque levels even at very slow speeds. The powerful low end torque allows for and eliminates chatter in your weld pattern.

This machines general design is perfectly suited for creating welds on tubing and pipe. Simply put your ground clamp on the ground peg, plug in the machine to power source and turn it on. The variable RPM (1/8-6) is controlled by your foot pedal control. If the operator wants to override the foot pedal controls this piece of equipment can be operated by the control panel as well. If your looking for general welding equipment to create profit, no weld shop, or fabricating shop should be without a Baileigh welding positioner. Baileigh welding machines are noted for high quality welding equipment and other equipment found in a weld and fabrication shop.

  • Variable speed DC drive with foot pedal control offers hands free operation while welding, grinding, or brazing. Speed is 0-6 RPM
  • Heavy duty, lubed, cast iron gear box construction allows for maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Standard with 8" chuck with 2-3/8" through hole.
  • Features and Specifications
  • Simply the best constructed and well thought out welding positioner on the market, period.
  • Like all RMD welding machines and turntables, this is MADE IN AMERICA!
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