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Baileigh 220V Pipe and Tube Abrasive Notcher TN-600


Baileigh 220V Pipe and Tube Abrasive Notcher TN-600 
Baileigh 220V Pipe and Tube Abrasive Notcher TN-600

Abrasive Pipe Notcher - Notching Machine

Baileigh's tubing notchers consist of a notching machine TN-600, an abrasive tube notcher that uses industrial grade mechanical and electrical components and a logical design to notch through tubing and pipe with ease. This tubing notcher has a powerful 5hp motor that notches at full capacity with ease and only requires 220 volts of single phase power, so it can be used in almost all fabrication shops.

The spindle size allows for an industry standard 6 X 79” belt to be used. This 6” wide surface allows this tubing notcher to cope at maximum capacity of 3” OD at angles up to 60 degrees. Smaller 4” wide belts can be used as well if notching only up to 2” OD at angles up to 60 degrees. Additional mandrel spindles are required for each different OD to be notched.

The belt drive on this powerful pipe notcher has a large diameter urethane drive wheel for maximum grip of the belt drive which is important when notching at maximum capacity. The motor and drive wheel on this tube notcher are on a spring suspension to take up any belt stretching that may take place and there is also a fine tune adjustment for belt tracking.

The vice carriage on the TN-600 tubing notcher rides on a smooth Thompson shaft rail system, so when notching there is little effort to feed the pipe or tube into the spindle. A stop can be set up for high production runs of the same material. This tubing notchers vice has a quick change taper release system that allows the operator tochange position on the belt or degree of angle in seconds. The vise has V-Jaws for a tight grip of the material and is perfect for light gauge to heavy gauge material. The vice is a self centering vise so the material can be changed over quickly and start in the proper position on the belt. An offset adjustment is standard for those times when more strength is required in the weld like on hand railing or off road chassis applications.

Baileigh pipe and tube notchers are made of the highest quality standards in the world and will last for decades of profitable service to any demanding fabrication shop.


Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40): 2.5"
Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40): 2.5"
Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40): 2.5"
Mild Steel Round Tube: 3"
Aluminum Round Tube: 3"
Stainless Steel Round Tube: 3"
Chromolly Round Tube: 3"
Mild Steel Solid Rod: 3"
Mild Steel Square Tube: 3"
Minimum OD: .75"
Power Requirements: 220V (1-Phase)
Weight (Lbs.): 425
Overall Dimensions (LWH): 68" x 40" x 43"


Baileigh 220V Pipe and Tube Abrasive Notcher TN-600




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