Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fowler Sylvac S_View D300S Digital Display


  • Digital display with 8.5" LCD color touchscreen
  • Size (mm): 330 x 175 x 77
  • 2 Sylvac probe inputs
  • Automatic gage recognition (true plug and play!)
  • Channels easily programmed as functions of gage data
  • Accepts up to 64 Sylvac measuring instruments
  • Water-resistant 8.5" touchscreen and buttons
  • 6 USB inputs for Sylvac instruments
  • Outputs for PLC, computer and printer
  • Ethernet RJ45 connection
  • Manage up to 64 instruments with multiplexors simultaneously by software
  • Individual preset or by group
  • Multiple Connection hand instruments with display of tolerances.
  • Multi-channel displays simultaneously through the multiplexer to measure multi-D200S ratings.
  • Measurement bench with PS17. Automatic scanning and detection of instruments connect measurement to display the appropriate channel.
Sizes (mm): 330 x 175 x 77
Weight (kg): 3.3
Case: Steel/Plastic
Protection rating IEC 60529: IP40
S_Connect: RS232 / USB
Setting by PC: yes

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